We pride ourselves on our cakes. Whatever the occasion, we can make it special with one of these cakes made with love in our on-site bakery.

Take one home with you, or bring your friends in and enjoy it with a coffee in our dining room.

Note: Orders require a 48 Hrs notice prior to the date requested.
All cakes are gluten free optional, please let us know when ordering.

23 cm serves
10 to 14 people

30.5 cm serves
25 to 30 people

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23 cm 30.5 cm

Strawberry champagne Cake

Vanilla bean cake, champagne cream,
fresh strawberries, strawberry frosting

Mocha Marble cake

Coffee genoise sponge, mocha buttercream,
ganache drip, chocolate curls

Chocolate supreme

Chocolate fudge cake, grand marnier syrup,
Belgian chocolate buttercream,
chocolate macaron strawberry

Vanilla bean cheesecake

Topped w seasonal fruits

Exotic Rose cake

Pistachio white chocolate cake,
rosewater buttercream, seasonal berries

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